Honduras Wampusirpi Cacao

Origin: Honduras 
Region: Wampusirpi
Cacao Variety: Trinatario, Organic (Mayacert Certified), 2018 Harvest, Direct Trade
Tasting Notes: Honey, Banana, Toasted Walnut

Biosphere makes these beans possible, they source from 100+ Miskito producers cultivating small plots typically under forest canopy along the banks of the Rio Patuca.

Cacao Direct financed the construction of a fermentary, provided the farmers with the tools (solar-powered weed-whackers) necessary to reclaim the cacao trees growing in the rainforest there and sustainably harvest cacao, and provided oversight of the fermentation, transport, and marketing of the beans. Farmers are paid immediately at the time of delivering the raw/unfermented cacao, a step which required special dispensation by the Honduran government.