Dominican Republic Zorzal Cacao

Origin: Dominican Republic, Reserva Zorzal 
Region: Duarte Province
Cacao Variety: Hispanola - Trinatario, Direct Trade & Organic (CERES Certified) 2019 Harvest
Tasting Notes: Cherry, Caramel, Spice

From Dr. Charles Kerchner's 1,019 acre bird sanctuary in the mountainous Reserva Zorzal, where the beans are grown, dried and fermented with meticulous attention to detail. Working with partners and landowners in the DR, they formed a team that initiated the first private reserve in the Dominican Republic, as part of the National Protected Area System. Reserva Zorzal has become a model for private landowners to participate in landscape-level conservation.

Reserva Zorzal has set aside 70% of its 1,019 acres as “forever wild”, devoted to the wintering grounds of Bicknell’s thrush, which of course benefits biodiversity and many other species.